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Immersive Filmmaking Experience


Who Are We
Studio Set Up

Make an F’n movie

Who knows what under appreciated talents you will activate to achieve victory as you embark on this epic filmmaking adventure.  Determination is your only hope as you and your fellowship don your weapon of choice to forge your own epic tale. Only those who’s grit, passion, and ability to co-create will be victorious. Do you trust in the fates to bring your team together or do you already have a team of trusted warriors!  When the time runs out will you have achieved glory or will the whispers of your saga be all that remains.

The Breakdown

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Production Crew
Outdoor Film Set
  • Be part of UP TO a 10 person team cinematic experience.

  • You and your team come together to create a short story in UP to 8 hours.

  • The following day you will receive a downloadable link with the finished short project, edited by industry professionals.

  • Do the fun stuff leave the hard work to us!

  • From Concept to completion you control everything. 

  • Want to go straight to filming, NO WORRIES ! Choose from a variety of pre built scripts created by a professional Screenwriter

  • Be the Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Actor, Camera Operator, Art Director, Production Assistant ( every film needs one )

  • Get coached by one of FL's leading film industry professionals with 15+ year industry professional and from the Walking Dead, Quantico, and a variety of other productions. IMDB LINK

  • Get access to industry standard film equipment. ( supervised )

  • Make new friends, or explore a once in a lifetime experience together.

  • Actually build skills of the industry.

  • Wow your friends and family with your awesome  “Hollywood film production. 

  • Tons of Behind the scenes images and videos to show off.

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Video Camera

Tech Buff?

Play with and learn about a variety of equiptment

Connect with likeminded creatives, and forge new relationships to create a one of kind Project using nothing but your ability to work as a team!


Choose your own adventure

Pick a genre

Horror/ Sci-fi / Drama / Comedy 

1-2 scripts for each genre that are easily open to translation from different people.


Do you have your own mythic tale of which you want to see unfold?

Package Costs and what you get

Package Costs and what you get

$200 per person includes

-Up to 8 hour film experience built entirely by you and your team

-Coaching and mentoring by JC Conklin, and Benny Bernard

-Access to industry standard equipment 
(with supervision)

-Completed Film 

-Copies of all behind the scenes videos and photos


$250 per person 

All of $200 but additionally will include an immersive "set style Craft 
And Catering 
* Tailored to you and your team's dietary needs

We also offer fully customizable experierinces 

Contact for details about creating your own 
Mythic Tale

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