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Your not going crazy, your just waking up



Awake is a unique hour-long narrative and dramatic series that utilizes sci-fi elements and storytelling to introduce viewers to hypnotherapy and other related concepts. The show demystifies these concepts and offers viewers an opportunity to experience what is capable within themselves.


Filled with strong lead characters and continuing regulars, the show is inspired by true accounts and successes from the QHHT community. The storyline is infused with real-world social, economic, and political topics facing society today.

The show explores the crossroads where ordinary meets extraordinary.

The Message


The series follows the Hart family–two mothers and their ten-year-old son who’ve just moved to a small, tight-knit Florida town. The family’s presence and way of life creates ripples in the otherwise still waters within the conservative community. 

The family sets out to help others and bring positivity with their talents, but they’re met with preconceived notions and judgement. Not above their own personal struggles, the Harts face hardship in a place that was supposed to provide them respite. The story takes a dramatic turn when the Hart family discovers that certain townspeople have a darker, hidden agenda that will devastated the community.


Will the Hart family be able to help people and convince them of the truth hiding in plain sight?

The Story

The Mission

Awake was created by Be One Studios, a production house dedicated to creating content that embraces open mindedness, offers a temporary shift in what is thought to be normal, and provides positive and meaningful content.

Awake is the Studio’s first production; however, the team worked successfully and independently in the entertainment industry for years. After helping make million-dollar shows that seemed to have no positive effect on society, they each decided to take a break. Upon meeting one another, they realized the need for a new, groundbreaking platform that can help change both the industry and the world. 

The mission behind Awake is to donate a percentage of its profit to organizations that contribute to the efforts of making the world a better place. Additionally, the creators feel that Awake has real potential to change every person’s life through positive examples of health and alternate forms of medical healing.


Show Concepts

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Meet the hearts

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