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2022 has been a blessing so far as Chill Baby Productions will be producing at least 3 new, powerful projects with a series of amazing people.

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Learn from Duane at his youtube channel, and keep posted for info on the Healing Center he is opening in Fort Lauterdale FL, and the TV series we will be producing to follow.

"Beginning with the End in Mind"

The Duane Clemons Documentary

This project focuses on Duane Clemons an NFL Defensive End for the Bengals, Vikings, and Cheifs. It goes inside his empowering, and inspiring journey from the hood, to 1996 16th overall draft pick. It goes behind the scenes of the NFL injury process and shines a light on the healing power of Natural, Metaphysical, and Holistic healing.


PURFLIX Original TV Series 

Chill Baby Productions will be Co-Producing and doing Cinematography for the second season of this "Pureflix Greatest Hits" .  A series that focuses on the time of the Rapture after God has taken the chosen. We follow a small group held up in a cabin trying to find the love left in the world.

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The Chozen Life

This is a 4 Episode Mini Series focusing on a 13 year old black girl fighting the negativity of the network, and becoming the voice of a nation in the process. This project will be Chill Baby Productions and Chozen Entertainment's first of many projects. We are very proud do say we will be partnering with Valencia College to offer the students an opportunity to learn and work on a real set.

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